River City Gothic

Entry into the World of Darkness
  • James, Yurii Morozov, Charlie Pulaski,Able Jackson, and T-Bone were standing in line at the local bank when three vicious men perpetrated a robbery.
  • a security guards attempted intervention firing a full clip into the largest robber to little or no effect.
  • the scene quickly turned horrific when the guard and another bank employee where viscerally murdered and drug from the scene by the apparent leader of the crooks, an over seven foot tall monster of a man.
  • except for the group no one saw the murders or strange behavior, only a comparatively typical theft.
  • the group was questioned by mib types.
  • attempted to take there first hand account to the press.
  • investigated other bank robberies and info on the getaway car for clues.
  • scanned an abandoned hardware store, finding an operational laptop that was stolen and investigated later.
  • reconvened at James home where they looked over clues, James armed himself with a gun, and Able purchased drugs.
  • Found two recently accessed goggle maps in computer history, one to a carnival, one to a warehouse.
  • Went to carnival first found a carnie named Gary Boyer who was complaining about two men who fit description of heist goons.
  • lodged a anonymous tip to cops about goons, police found and pursued the robbers but lost them in a crowd.
  • With Gary in tow the gang headed to the 2nd marked location, parking a few blocks away as to avoid suspicion.
  • after a few attempts at stealth, group simply entered warehouse from the front opening, uncovered a freezer filled with corpses apparently being used as food.
  • hid in an office just as baddies returned. From there hidding spot witnessed the approach of a man in a suit and a supernatural conflict of what seemed to be werewolves that left at least the two baddies from the carnival dead.
  • made a false fire call to 911 in hopes that it would keep the two surviving monsters, whose battle had taken them from the warehouse from, returning.
  • Ran back to car drove around to make sure weren’t being followed, headed to populated college campus to regain composure then left for Yurii’s church( the Church of St Theodore the Sykeote) to spend the night in what would seem like a safe place.

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